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Whilst it may seem unlikely given the current situation in the world at the moment, there is a vast array of companies still looking to employ candidates for positions in an array of industries.  

Not just with companies themselves but even in our industry, here at Crem we are now holding all of our registrations and interviews, for both temporary and permanent roles, via video calls. The majority of feedback that we are getting from candidates has been that they generally feel more confident going into a job interview via video call, most likely because they are in their own surroundings. 

Holding video interviews has also meant that it's never been easier to schedule interviews with our clients, there isn't all of the added pressures that usually surround daily work timeframes.  

Here are our top tips to help you master online video interviews... 

1. Location  

The location that you choose is extremely important. In this new way of life working from home for a large majority of us, it's vitally important to find a quiet space, somewhere you can concentrate fully on the task in hand and most importantly without interruptions. It's also imperative that you choose a room where you are able to get a good network signal so that the interview isn't disrupted by the strains of broadband blackouts!

2. Light 

Lighting is another factor to consider, it isn't always possible but try and ensure that you have light in front of you (light from behind isn’t flattering, well according to research anyway!). Your face needs to be clearly visible, if you’re sitting in room with a window in front of you during the day then I would recommend that you close the curtains to prevent back lighting. 

3. Equipment 

As you are probably aware, video interviews can be done on a variety of tech; PC, laptop, iPad, tablet, or even a smartphone, the only necessity is that whatever you choose must have a camera on the front. We suggest that you try and use a larger form of tech such as a laptop or tablet to ensure the interview is as clear as possible for you. Naturally we recommended that you test whatever you choose before the process begins to be sure that you are aware of exactly how it works on that particular format. Oh and make sure the item is either fully charged or plugged in at the time of the interview!

4. Prepare 

As with any interview that you undertake, preparation is essential. Most video interviews ask you to give your answer within a couple of minutes, so it’s important for you to think about potential questions and how you will answer them in a manner that best illustrates your experience and skills within that timeframe. For more advice on interviews we suggest you take a look at the page we have dedicated to this very subject here

5. Presentation

The first thing we would advise regarding presentation is that you must remember that regardless of the process being a little bit different, however, this is still an interview, so wherever you choose to hold it, make sure that the area is clean and tidy. Your own attire also needs to be right at the same time, dress in the appropriate clothing that you normally would for an interview, be smart and immaculately presented, no stains or creases should be on show.   

6. Notes

As we have said above, as with any other job interview, doing research on both the job and company is extremely important. We always advise that you take time to think about how your skills and experience align with the vacancy in question, if you feel that you're very suited to the role then the main aim for you should be to show the interviewer how you mirror their job spec. We also always advise that you take notes via small bullet points of key areas for you to use during the interview.    

7. Technical problems

Hopefully any tech issues will have been resolved when you originally tested your equipment in said room, however we all know that technical problems tend to occur when you least expect (or want) them to! Maybe noise in the background or other distractions, maybe the network decides to stop working for no particular reason. If you have done the relevant prep above then this is absolutely not your fault, try not to let this affect the interview (if possible), the answer here is to simply apologise for the interruption and carry on.

8. Eye contact

Again as with any other interview, be yourself. Just because this is a different form of interview should not distract you from the main objective... getting the job! This is your chance to show the interviewer what makes you the person that they should employ. Try and build some form of rapport whilst showcasing your skills and personality. Most importantly, be real, interviewers want to hear about you, the candidate who they've chosen to shortlist and invite for an interview, they want to know what you can offer them and what makes you the person they simply cannot afford to not employ! Some candidates have expressed their worries to us about where to look during the interview, don’t worry about it, whilst eye contact is imperative during a face to face interview, during video interviews we simply recommend that you speak clearly and confident in a manner that makes you feel comfortable.


Yes this is a new experience for many of us, but in all honesty it seems as though this way of interviewing is here to stay for a vast number of companies, certainly for the foreseeable future. There are huge similarities to the more traditional face to face interview setting, preparing for the interview in many of the same ways you would normally and ensuring that you are comfortable and ready to go will help you keep your cool and display your skills.

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