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Nerve wracking, exciting, daunting, challenging!

Whatever way you look at it, interviews are an essential part of the recruitment process and it is something that you will need to navigate your way through to secure that perfect job.

No two interviews are the same and there are several different types of interview so excellent preparation is the key to success but if you follow the advice below then you will have a fantastic chance of getting the role.

Research the Company

Give yourself plenty of time to learn and digest what the company does; the breakdown of the organisation and their main competitors. Visit the company website to gain an understanding of the company products and exactly what they do. The interviewer will expect this as a bare minimum but candidates who go the extra mile will also run various Google searches to find news articles regarding the company and also visit their social media sites. Facebook is a great way to see what the working culture is like within an organisation and can really give you an insight into what it is really like to work there. In addition, Twitter and Instagram usually offer slightly alternative insights into the company and also make sure you visit the company page on Linked In.

Research the job

It is also crucial to understand the job you are going for. Look at the job description and the advert that you applied to and really try and gauge exactly what the company is looking for in a person. Ask yourself what is it on my CV that made them want to interview me and be ready to answer questions relating to that. Always be prepared with plenty of examples of experience you may have in relation to specific points of the job description.

Use your Recruitment Agency

If the interview has been arranged via a recruitment agency then really ensure that you use the knowledge of your Recruitment Consultant to get additional information regarding the role. Any good consultant should know exactly what skill set the company are looking for in a candidate and why your CV warranted an interview. They should also be able to help with any questions you have regarding the role itself.

What can we do to help?

Here at Crem, our team of Consultants and Recruiters have long standing relationships with our clients and in many cases would have worked on similar posts within that organisation. This knowledge is invaluable to finding out what format the interview takes so again, use this to your advantage. If you are going for a new role via Crem then you can be safe in the knowledge that we will provide you with every tool necessary to ensure you perform to your best abilities. Our team of Recruiters have extensive training in interviews and our ratio of interview to placement is exception.

Know where you are going!

At some point in the days leading up to the interview it is a good idea to take the trip you will be making on the day. This will enable you to see how long the journey takes and then account for traffic on the day. You can also find out where you can park and where the entrance to the building is. All this saves time on the day and will enable a stress free journey. If this is not practical then use the resources such as Google Street View to locate where you need to go.

The night before

Have everything ready. For example, know what you will be wearing, have your CV and portfolio (if required) ready and your shoes polished! Even little things such as ensuring the car is topped up with petrol can help to avoid rushing in the morning. Anything that may cause delays or unnecessary stress on the day will help, however small. Remember, this could be a life changing day so get a good night’s sleep!

On the day of the interview

Dress appropriately. Remember you will be making first impressions on a potential employer and first impressions count. If you smoke then try to avoid smoking within the two hours before the interview and ensure that you do not chew gum as you go in. Give yourself plenty of time and arrive ten minutes prior to the interview. Any earlier and the interviewer may feel put out although the worst case scenario is to be late. This should never happen unless in extreme circumstances and your recruitment agency or the employer should be advised immediately.

And Finally!

Try to embrace the interview. Be positive. Smile, eye contact and enthusiasm are a must and just remember that you have been selected from what was probably a long list of applications and this is an achievement in itself and one that you should take confidence from. It is understandable to be a little nervous but stay as calm and level headed as possible and give it your best shot.

Best of luck!

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