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Occasionally we receive job applications from candidates who are approaching their job search in the wrong manner, often through no fault of their own. Obviously, it is important to be as professional and presentable at all times through the recruitment process and there are a few simple things you can do to help support your application.

For permanent jobs, your covering letter is usually the first impression you will make on a recruiter when applying for jobs via the internet, email or even by post. This has to be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. We realise that this sounds obvious but it does not always happen. Try to avoid the standard covering letters that are provided by job specific websites and try to tailor a summary of why you are interested in the role and why we should be interested in taking your application any further. Remember, you want to stand out from other candidates!

Once you have submitted your application it is sometimes good to leave it for a day or so to let the recruiter digest the information and then to phone the recruitment agency to discuss the role further. Remember that the recruitment agency may receive hundreds of applications for some vacancies meaning it may not be possible to contact every candidate, so, the candidate can help themselves by making the first contact.

It is absolutely essential that you clearly know what roles you have applied for, why you are interested in that opportunity and why you feel you are suitable. We find that candidates who apply for dozens of vacancies across a wide range of sectors, sometimes lose track of their applications and ultimately, what they are really looking for.

Remember, a recruitment agency differs enormously from the Job Centre in that we are here to help not only job seekers but also to assist the companies we provide and give them access to candidates with the skills and experience required for their specific vacancies. It is never personal if we do not submit your CV for a vacancy, we are merely just using our knowledge and expertise of the company and job in question to select what we believe are the most suitable candidates.

Overall, if you have the right attitude and are cooperative then we will try our best to help you on the next step of your career path.

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