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Specialist Areas

Did you know we also recruit for more specialist positions?

Our track record of recruiting for more specialist vacancies is exceptional. The reason for this is that the resources we have available are second to none and we believe that the recruiters we employ have the ability, adaptability and knowledge to adjust to any candidate or client demands.

Due to this success, companies are renowned for coming to us with their more specialist vacancy rather than opting to choose an agency that operates within that particular sector.

We have successfully placed many managers over the years and have resourced for the most unusual skill sets.

As well as individual specialisms, we actively recruit HR staff as well as Finance and accountancy.

So, if you feel you your skills and experience are quite niche then it is certainly worth getting in touch to see if we can assist you with the next step on your career path. We supply some of the regions most prestigious employers who may well just have the perfect opening for you!

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